International Women’s Day Merchandise

Other ways to support the world's women and girls



Give a gift to support the world's women & girls. When you empower a woman, whole communities benefit.

Empowered Gifts

Give a gift that changes the lives of women and girls across the globe this Christmas.

Become an Empowerment Champion

Give monthly to support the life-changing work of UN Women in over 100 countries across the globe.




Everyone can show their support for gender equality and women’s empowerment by purchasing and wearing a purple ribbon this International Women’s Day. 

Event packs are also available to help celebrate your own workplace or community IWD event.

MERCHANDISE AND RIBBON SALES WILL CLOSE MONDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2022 - delivery cannot be facilitated in time for IWD after this date.

Canberra-based organisations wishing to collect purchases from our office after this date are welcome to contact us via to make arrangements. We appreciate your understanding.